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The NHS offers the following gifts to members who join or renew at Premium Membership levels.  Members can choose these gifts according to the level at which they join or renew, regardless of their membership status the year before. All books listed are in English.

Although this first group of gifts are primarily books on military subjects, next year we plan to expand the selection to include porcelain and other decorative items as well.



Silver-plated grenade pin. As worn by the Grenadiers of Napoleon's Grande Armée. The grenadiers were elite troops,  one company per regiment. Under General Oudinot, they were massed together into an elite Division.

Napoleon Bonaparte Gregory Fremont-Barnes. An analysis of Napoleon's qualities as a commander on the battlefield, not only as a strategist and tactician, but as creator and leader of one of the greatest armies ever to take the field.

French Napoleonic Infantry tactics, 1792-1815. Paddy Griffith.  A leading authority on the history of tactics draws on original drill manuals  to explain how the French infantry of 1792–1815 were organized for fire and movement on the battlefield. Illustrated with clear diagrams.

The Lines of Torres Vedras, 1809-11.   Ian Fletcher. After the battle of Bussaco in  1810 Wellington began to withdraw t behind a line of elaborate defensive works  north of Lisbon - the Lines of Torres Vedras.

OLD GUARD   ($30 value)

Gold-plated Imperial Eagle pin.  A miniature version of the Eagle badge worn on the cartridge boxes of the Old Guard. French Hussars - Volume 1 :1786 - 1804. André Jouineau and Jean-Marie Mongin. The hussars uniforms have always been the most brilliant of all. This book covers the French Revolution and Consulate period.
French mperial Guard Vol 1 - Foot Soldiers 1804-1815. André Jouineau and. Jean-Marie Mongin. This first volume in the series shows in extraordinary detail the uniforms, flags, and equipment of the foot regimentsof Napoleon's Imperial Guard. French Imperial Guard - Vol 2: Cavalry 1804-1815
André Jouineau and Jean-Marie Mongin. This second volume shows in full detail the uniforms of the Cavalry of the Imperial Guard.

AIDE DE CAMP   ($45 value)

Sterling silver pin - Aide de Camp's arm brassard.  The gold embroidered brassard was the badge of office for an aide de Camp to a General, whatever uniform the officer might be wearing. Austerlitz -The Empire at its Zenith.  >F-G Hourtouille. A detailed text is accompanied by paintings and  illustrations the uniforms and equipment of the  time.
Jena-Auerstadt: The Triumph of the Eagle F-G Hourtouille. This excellent book combines an informative narrative with paintings of the battles and a superb collection of images of uniforms and equipment from the period — all in color. Wagram: At the Heyday of the Empire F-G Hourtouille offers a fabulous full color book on this climactic battle of the difficult Austrian campaign of  1809. Numerous illustrations, many in color.

GENERAL  ($60 value)

Gold Vermeil pin Imperial crowned N The crowned initial N is the most famous symbol of Napoleon’s Empire. "Vermeil" is a French jewelers' term for solid silver plated in gold, and was used for the Imperial table service.

Waterloo Relics Gilles Bernard and Gérard Lachaux retrace the  famous battle. using  artifacts, weapons, uniforms and pieces of equipment  from  collections all over the world that have survived after more than two centuries
1814, The Campaign Of France  F.G. Hourtouille and J. Garnier. The authors explain the opponents' views of the campaign of France. Intricately detailed color plates by André Jouineau render the  uniforms of all armies involved in this decisive campaign. From Eylau to Friedland > F.G. Hourtouille covers the victorious campaign against Tsar Alexander's Russians in Poland. The book includes many illustrations and color uniform plates.

MARSHAL   ($200 value)

Gold vermeil pin - Crossed batons insignia of a Marshal of the Empire. The distinctive mark of Napoleon's top commanders. Eagle silk scarf – A perfect Napoleonic gift, a rich tapestry of imperial symbolism and the Napoleonic legend. it measures 36 x 36 inches and is presented in a gift box with the scarf description.

Napoleon's Army 1790 - 1815 by Lucien Rousselot.  M. Rousselot made the study of the uniforms of  Napoleon's Grande Armeé his life's work, examining surviving artifacts and researching extensively through the documents in the French archives.  He unearthed much new information and dispelled many long-cherished myths. This book represents the only complete collection of Rousselot’s research on the Napoleonic period, here presented admirably yet affordably for the English-speaking reader.


  14k solid gold pin -  Napoleon's profile. The image is faithfully reproduced directly from an original 20 Franc gold coin of the Napoleonic era.  

Napoleonic Uniforms (cased  2 volume set).
An important 2 volume work by the late John Elting, an NHS member, featuring 918 color plates by distinguished illustrator Herbert Knötel, covering not only the well-known units of the Grande Armėe but some of the more obscure and colorful units as well.  A reference no serious Napoleonic enthusiast should be without



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